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Professional LED Display & LED Stage Light Series
About Us

JINGCAN LED FACTORY offers the professional LED Stage Background series of products for night events or live concert, such as the hanging LED moving heads, LED flood light, LED Par light, LED Wall Washers, LED Laser Light, LED effect light, LED follow light as well as the LED background display screens and etc.

Our team also provide the excellent sales service for our clients. You can contact our sales and engineers to discuss with your current project if you need any help. Or you also can send us your request for the repair service for your previous projects no matter which supplier offered. After your purchase, our team would provide a training courses for our customers to learn how to use the software and controller system for free. Within our quality guarantee period, JINGCAN LED FACTORY Company Limited would take care of your products with you together. It is hence that JINGCAN LED FACTORY is your best supporting supplier and most reliable partner in the supply-chain.

JINGCAN LED FACTORY factory philosophy providing 7/24 service. The service is available through email,phone,remote control and on site support etc. depending customer need.

Before sales service

Project confirmation

1. Is the LED screen & LED lighting project for outdoor or indoor;
2. Is the LED screen & LED lighting project for fixed installation or rental installation that is movable;
3. How much size LED screen & LED lighting is needed;
4. How far distance between LED screen & LED lighting  and control computer;

Solution preparing

1. Prepare detailed solution with datasheet and price;
2. Prepare LED screen & LED lighting project effect flash or image;
3. Prepare similar case picture or video as reference;
4. Checking sea or air shipment cost for LED screen & LED lighting shipment;

Contract Service

Production completed
1. Arrange LED screen & LED lighting production;
2. Provide CAD drawing of steel structure for LED screen & LED lighting installation;
3. Take pictures and videos of production process for customer;
4. After 15-20 working days production, LED screen & LED lighting started aging test;
5. Take pictures and videos during LED display aging test;
6. After 72 hours LED display screen aging test, LED screen & LED lighting is packed into wooden case or flight case;
7. Arrange shipment of LED display & LED lighting by sea or air shipment;
8. Send LED screen user manual to customers for LED display & LED lighting assembly and operation;

7 Days Free of Charge Training

1. Customers can dispatch engineer to our factory for 7 days training free of charge;
2. We help to book hotel and provide transportation to engineers.Customers in charge of engineer hotel and eating cost;
3. Hardware connection of the LED display & LED lighting ;
4. Controlling software using of the LED screen& LED lighting;
5. Common troubleshooting means of the LED display & LED lighting;
6. The basic production process of the LED display& LED lighting;
7. SOP training and practice on each production line of the LED screen & LED lighting system;
8. LED display panel system's QA test and trouble shooting practice;
9. Remote control of the LED display screen & LED lighting system;
10. LED display & LED lighting installation;
11. LED screen & LED lighting programming;
12. LED screen & LED lighting maintenance;

LED screen & LED lighting installation

1. Customers can install LED screen & LED lighting himself with our provided user manual;
2. Customers' engineer came to us for 7 days training and master installation knowledge;
3. We can dispatch engieer for installation guide locally;
4. Our distributors support on site assembly and operation;

After sales service

1. LED screen & LED lighting running follow up regularly;
2. Response customer feedback within 24 hours;
3. LED display & LED lighting trouble shooting together with customers;
4. Sending spare parts to customers for LED screen & LED lighting maintenance, free of charge;
5. Repair broken LED modules & LED lighting and send back to customer within 72 hours after receiving, free of charge;
6. Engineer dispatching on site if needed.



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